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Beatport Top 100 Mix 3/4/19


DJ E P Stylez was born in Camp Hill, PA. He currently is the executive producer for Club MYX in Cincinnati, OH. Now 26 years old, his most notable work is with vinyl on WSYC FM’s radio show called HIGH N-RGY and creating the first ever live broadcast (The Raider Open House Mix), an all request open house mix on Shippensburg University’s 88.7 WSYC FM in Shippensburg, PA. Most of his production work is done in studio, so when the show starts; it is truly a unique experience.

For most of his public performances he uses Numark tables as well as a variety of other equipment. His works are exclusively licensed to NRCW Cincinnati, OH and already booking events for 2010. Some of his trademarks are the eXcellence in Practice (XPERIENCE MYX SESSIONS), the Quick Myx-Downs he occasionally does at the conclusion of his performances (the turntables and vinyls fly on and off the tables as he goes through about 6 to ten track remixes a min.)

When in a studio environment, usually he spins the mp3s in the radio station for on-air mixing and radio show hosting, this provides the best accuracy and flexibility to a mix with some great new advancements for expansion (especially large-scale DMX lighting).

The Raider Open House Mix was a sensation in interactive FM radio that was later partly adapted by Open House Party with John Garabedian although it only lasted two months as a by request mix because of the commercial responsibility and the amount of stress it gives to the DJ. E P handles every aspect of the stations and event operations with the exception of the occasional guest host helping out to keep up with the phone lines!

E P has worked at local bowling alleys, commercial AM/FM radio stations, skating /ice rinks as well as managed the entire entertainment and announcing for the CPIHL ice hockey games and championships held at Hershey Park Arena in Hershey, PA. Those Pennsylvania State Ice Hockey Championships had thousands of hockey fans and he says it was a really “cool rush to be doing this in an arena [he] grew up watching professional ice hockey [and even an NHL game too].”

He also hosts Club MYX (Used to be WMYX Radio then before that, Net Radio 4004 and before that, K 105 Radio) where you can find live mixes from his studio that you cannot and will not find anywhere else. Club MYX is commercial free and he even takes requests by instant message and phone! Club MYX is now under the ownership of Net Radio Communications Worldwide LLC, only providing publicly licensed talk radio, live mixes and custom works done by DJs as a community based environment.

He was stumped on what DJ name to go by so people settled on the unique last name. Later DJ Eppley had acquired the nickname Stylez (Thus it became E P Stylez) which he uses for high energy gigs and hip-hop events. Extended Play is one of the trademarks of his name because of the common EP albums that exists in media culture.

E P Stylez spends a lot of time on preparing his mixes with production work and that’s what makes this DJ the most various and interesting DJ of all DJs spinning all styles of music around the universe!

It takes more than being able to handle compact disks to be a DJ. E P Stylez’s main focus is on time invested in production and that is why this music artist / DJ stands out above the rest! He doesn’t call himself a professional DJ, he refers to himself as a professional production artist or talent.

Many years ago E P first appeared in the background of a Viacom International’s Nickelodeon commercial. This inspired E P as a kid in elementary school and gave something for him to brag about too! Today E P is an “independent contractor” for larger labels and TV shows working out of his Harrisburg studio in beautiful south-central Pennsylvania. His focus now is producing tracks for organizations such as color-guard and dance teams for high schools. People contact him from around the world for custom productions! In today’s technological world this is the wave of the future. Stylez masters web design, multimedia, business management and a ton of other services inside-out. Contact us today to make your business or organization one that is talked about for years to come!

DJ E P Stylez has no affiliation to the Open House Party or Radiocraft Inc., the rights holders.

Awards:Held many #1 spots for many weeks at the peak of his career in 2005 & 2006 including MySpace Music and The DJ List. Past KISS FM DJ and Club DJ.

General Manager: NRCW Broadcasting

Press Contact: NRCW TV

Booking Agent: CLUB MYX LLC

Genre: All Stylez™

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Record Label: NRCW Records